Management of overland transport: intertrans

How to respond quickly to short-term transport requests.


Transport companies using intertrans perform orders and graphic scheduling by means of one central transport management software. Therefore they stay flexible, able to react to enquiries at short notice and invoice directly. They keep a check on their open items, know their costs and gain extra capacities allowing them to take more orders, acquire customers and support established customers.





    The comprehensive transport management software is developed to replace different systems for quotation and order processing as well as manual solutions. intertrans is suitable for extension with additional components such as telematics, accounting, exchange of shipment data or mapping applications.


    The software is easy to handle and easy to learn.

    > compose your own software package



intertrans software keeps control of capacities, work load and costs.


Wheather you schedule routes, operate your vehicle fleet, manage drivers or connect telematics, follow your own rhythm and optimise step by step. You decide what you like to improve, we provide exactly the solution you need. You can use each software module separately or bring them subsequently into action. Take a reasonable initial solution, then complete at your option for mor profitability and comfort in your daily buisness. So daily tasks get easier for you.


As desktop or mobile application, the flexible doll + leiber system is suitable for small and medium-sized companies.

+ intertrans eBooking

Extra service for your customers with status notification, document upload and download, entry of quotes and orders – anytime with the mobile app.

+ intertrans driver-app

Mobile integration of your subcontractors to the processing of orders.